Bonaire Pinnacle

More Air
Utilising the latest in electronically commutated motor technology and advanced fan design, the
Bonaire Pinnacle delivers more airflow than any other Bonaire domestic evaporative cooler.
Solar Enhanced Cooling
Bonaire’s solar enhanced cooling option allows you to operate you Pinnacle cooler with an optional solar
panel kit. The clever option automatically switches your unit to mains power when the output of the solar
panel is not sufficient and also generates power back into your household grid.***
More Cooling
The Bonaire Pinnacle utilises super thick Filtercool® 120mm filter pads to provide you with optimum
cooling performance.
Low Running Costs
The ImPress® electronically commutated motor in the Bonaire Pinnacle utilises axial flux motor
technology delivering energy savings up to 40%* on standard motors.
Low Noise
The Bonaire Pinnacle has been specifically designed to operate as quietly as possible at all airflow
levels with the introduction of a new Aerowing® fan with Bonaire Vortex Generators® that was created
in conjunction with the assistance of a leading aircraft designer.

                • Benefits:

                                • More cost-effective to install and run than comparable ducted refrigerated units
                                • Save on your energy bills
                                • Save on installation costs
                                • Envirowing™ fan maximises efficiency
                                • ImPress™ motor technology for whisper quiet operation
                                • Strength to withstand the most extreme weather conditions
                                • Low maintenance with measurable savings in running costs
                                • Bonaire Aquamiser™ Water Conservation System standard
                                • High strength injection-moulded polymer cabinet which keeps looking new, year after year
                                • Sleek, low-profile design fits snugly on your roof
                                • Circulates only fresh, clean, naturally cooled air throughout your home
                                • Enviroseal Duct Shutter accessory standard
                                • Choice of remote or hard-wired Navigator Controller†
                                • A range of popular roof colours

All prices are for single storey, existing homes, with RCD, & subject to a site inspection

Contact us to proceed with a site inspection on 0418 997 596 or by sending us an online enquiry 
Includes drain valve & weather seal.

bonaire integra red

Bonaire Pinnacle PES160

Supplied & installed to:

4 points-$3450

5 points-$3650

bonaire integra green

Bonaire Pinnacle PEM180

Supplied & installed to:

5 points-$3850

6 points-$4050


bonaire integra beige

Bonaire Pinnacle PEL200

Supplied & installed to:

6 points-$4300

7 points-$4500


bonaire itegra Gey

Bonaire Pinnacle PEH220

Supplied & installed to:

7 points-$4600

8  points-$4800


Contact us to proceed with a site inspection on 0418 997 596 or by sending us an online enquiry

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